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Winter  2010
Jeff Fetty Designs Launches New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website Visit our new Retail Gallery where you can purchase items from our product line via our secure server. You can also find a portfolio of our work, explore the commissioning of custom pieces, and links to our You Tube Channel and our Facebook page.

Special thanks to McArthur of Free Range Studios for her great design.

Recent Commissions  
 Jeff Fetty Designs
Jeff Fetty Designs recently finished a custom console table for the Charleston, West Virginia law firm of Bailey and Glasser.

The inspiration for this table is from the work of renowned French Artist- Blacksmith Edgar Brandt, 20th century art deco designer.

Jeff Fetty Designs
Product Line Spotlight:
Dancing Candleholders

3" to 5" in height by 4" wide. This flowing design gives the impression of dancers poised to leap. Three different heights make a vibrant grouping.

$29.00 each or set of three $85.00 - shipping included

Ordering is now available on our new website: here.

Jeff Fetty Designs

Jeff Fetty Designs on You Tube

The door is always open to those wishing to visit Jeff Fetty Designs; however, we realize that many potential visitors are unable to travel to the forge.  Now with the use of You Tube we are bringing the forge to you via The Jeff Fetty Designs Channel.

Watch us live as we produce custom commission work and production pieces, and develop new products.

Visit The Jeff Fetty Designs Channel:

Featured Videos with quick links:

Forging a Daffodil Stem

Bending a Table Leg

Recent Work

Jeff Fetty Designs

This console table is a collaborative project with well known West Virginia  furniture designer, Jim Probst.

"I have the utmost respect for Jim's work and am excited about the potential for future collaborations," Jeff says.
Jeff Fetty in the Press

Jeff Fetty Designs was featured several times over the past months in various media outlets.

Andrew Zuber of the comedy travel show Ten Minutes with Andrew and JJ from Los Angeles, CA showcased Jeff Fetty Designs and even tried his hand and blacksmithing.

Sarah Moore and Jon Offredo of the West Virginia University project "West Virginia Uncovered" featured Jeff in their article and video series.  Read/watch here.

Create West Virginia and Mountain Made featured Jeff in a video. Watch the video here: Mountain Made Video

Bob Brunner of WOAY-TV in Oak Hill, WV featured Jeff in a news segment highlighting West Virginia artisans.

Jeff Fetty Designs
Above: Jeff working with Andrew Zuber from Los Angeles.

About Jeff Fetty 
 Jeff Fetty Designs
Jeff has been forging hot iron for nearly 40 years and still finds  every day at the forge a learning experience and an adventure.

"For me, the history of  Blacksmithing as an art  form is inspiring and  rewarding. I am convinced that nature herself can be captured  in this medium with  remarkable accuracy."

--Jeff on his love of Blacksmithing

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Jeff is also an accomplished photographer.  Over the past decade, Jeff has been regularly traveling to his adoptive home of Mexico. While in Mexico, Jeff meets local blacksmiths and brings home hand-made tools to add to his extensive collection. He plans to publish a book on these tools.

"Today in Mexico, blacksmiths are regarded as core members of society, much like blacksmiths were here in the United States 100 to 150 years ago.  To me, it is important to give acknowledgment and credit not only to these blacksmiths but to the tradition of blacksmithing."

--Jeff talking about Mexican blacksmithing

Here is a sample of some of Jeff's photographs from his Mexico travels.

Jeff Fetty Designs

Above: Coppersmiths  
Below: Francisco  
Jeff Fetty Designs


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