Jeff Fetty Designs, Inc.

I was drawn to this Japanese teahouse which later, I discovered, had somewhat inadvertently found its way into my Dancing Candleholders.

Tea House Dancing Candleholder
Lily of the Valley Desk Lamp The graceful arch I found in a Lily of the Valley was a natural for the set of garden lamps.
When designing a new floral commission I study the flowers both physically and through photography and, if possible, I grow them.Definitely the daffodil has had the most scrutiny, forge time and garden space. I planted hundreds while making the daffodil gate and the subsequent daffodil sculptures. Daffodil Daffodil sculpture
Amaryllis Amaryllis table Fortunately the commission for the Amaryllis Table came in late winter when my neighbor had several in full bloom.
In mid-summer, the tiger lily is ubiquitous along the roadsides. These and their garden cousins inspired the Lily Table. Daylily Lily table