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Custom Bar
This entrance was created for a local oil and gas developer and utilizes recycled materials from that industry. The various patinas used are harmonized through the texture of this weathered steel
97”H x 93”W x 72”D    Forged steel Copper patina
Commission 2011
Stair railing

The portico, with the ends cut from single pieces of 1 ½ inch plate-steel and the ¼ inch curved plate-steel roof, weighs in at nearly two tons. The benches are nestled in the curve of the portico and finished with a copper patina.

Balcony railing

The sign is made of one inch road plate and the patina reflects the decades spent in the oil field before being formed and cut for its current use. The font was custom designed and hand cut. 40H x 44“W x 6D”

The elemental design captures the curve of the entrance portico and echoes it in the sign, lamp and benches. This theme culminates in the lamp being lined with a material from the earth – mica.